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 S.C. CELIN S.R.L. is a Romanian private owned trade company established in October 1999, specialized in service provision.

 The company activity covers the following fields:

a. Consultancy, design, engineering, entrepreneurship services and other technical services.

b. Distribution of electrical and automation machines.

c. Wiring and automation plant construction-mounting activities up to 20kV (including).

The company staff consists of experienced professionals in design and construction-mounting, as well as young graduates of technical universities.

Our senior specialists have gathered experience in design and execution, as they have worked in renowned design institutes in Romania.

The company holds technical fittings that allow it to carry out its consultancy and design activities under the best conditions: calculation equipment, specialized design programs, tender drafting programs and office equipment, as well as material fittings for the construction-mounting activity.

The average number of employees in 2010: 25 (of which the number of employees with technical higher studies is 18).

The company has implemented the Integrated Quality-Environmental Management System (in accordance with the ISO 9001/2008 and ISO 14001/2005 standards), authorized by the SRAC no. 517/3 and 368/2 certificates and it is ongoing certification for the Occupational Health and Safety Management System in accordance with standard OHSAS 18001/2007. Moreover, the company has implemented the Nuclear Quality Management System for research-development and design activities in the nuclear field (in accordance with the National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control permit no. 10-017) in 2008.

 CELIN has been authorized by the Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority since 2005 (in accordance with certificate no. 5631):

  • B type certificate for "design and execution of indoor wiring for civil and industrial constructions, overhead and underground connections, under 0.4 kV voltage";
  • C1A type certificate for "design of overhead or cable power lines, with voltages set between 0.4 and 20 kV and secondary compact substation";
  • E1 certificate for "design of power substations and of the electrical part of power plants";

Current applications:

  • upgrade of the medium and low voltage distribution substations, case analyses, replacement of components, new substations;
  • integration of new low power units (under 15 - 20 MW) in power plants - the electrical and automation part;
  • reorganization of auxiliary service systems of power plants in accordance with the current and future profile;
  • electrical protections and automations;
  • independent electricity sources for supplied consumers;
  • process automations;
  • supply of electricity consumer centres (110 kV/MT substations, consumer distribution, industrial parks and platforms, etc.);
  • entry of modern surveillance and control systems (SCADA, DCS) in the technological processes in power sites;
  • adaptations within the scope in order to establish the compliance of the sites with the environmental regulations.


Mode of work - particularities:

  • we undertake the requirements of the beneficiary, we relieve, we offer alternatives / suggestions from similar applications, we outline defining design themes / dates;
  • we store standard updated information, deemed relevant, of manufacturers / potential product / component suppliers, as input design data;
  • we support the fabrication (we draw up the constructive technical project documentation under the specific conditions of the supplier and in observance of the interfacing requirements with the plants and structures in the site);
  • we assist the execution by the on-the-fly adaptation to the on-site condition and the removal of non-compliances;
  • we provide the supporting documentations for commissioning (adjustments, protection coordination, etc.);
  • we draw up the work conclusion documentations (acceptance, as built, etc.);
  • we execute power and automation cubicles / boxes based on our own projects or on request.

This manner of work provides quality, flexibility, efficiency and credibility to our design activity.

Our company motto is "Quality services for a satisfied customer".
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